Recovery Training center


As the sailors were guided by the northern star, we will be the "Star" that guide's and support YOU on your journey to recovery!

Have you encountered a major accident involving spinal cord damage? Or maybe another severe injury? And available training thru the medical system don't provide sufficient training and focus is on where you are, rather on where you want to go.

But if you want to fight and recover! Are ready to do the work and put in the hours! Then we are here for you!

"Anything is possible"

We look at the person and the possibilities and not limitations judge based on the injury! It’s not miracles that will help you, it’s the hard work that will make you reach your goals.

The key in recovery training is to work on the things you can't do, and build on those connections to the muscles. During my journey i have learned how to find the muscles and build on the connections. it's very different when you can't really feel your muscles, which most trainers don't understand.

Does it work?? Statments from earlier participants:

Mara: "Johnny, you won‘t believe it (or maybe you will ☺️)!
Yesterday my physio touched my quads during an exercise and said: „What have you done the last three weeks?! I feel soo obviously your quads!“
Also said, that she feels much activation until my left foot/ankle.
Thanks so much for helping me progress so much!!"

Marianne: "It feels like a miracle to be able to stand up for the first time since my accident 6 years ago!" 

Training one or two hours per week, will not make you reach your goals on recovery. The body and mind need many repetitions to learn again. Consistency and many hours is the way forward.

In 2020, I had an accident in the ski slopes and suffer a spinal cord injury and was paralysed from waist and down. From the beginning I decided that to fight my way back. I have come far on my journey, but still haven't reached my goal, to walk and be able to ride my bike. Sure, it's many hours in the gym, but it's worth it when you can see the progress week by week.

Now we want to share this knowledge, to show and help other people in same situation, on your way to recovery. Join our training camps, to be inspired and learn how to reach your goals.

We live by the motto, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Our training center might not be big, but our goals are!

Training in a fantastic backdrop is inspiring and so will training be when you see the progress. We will help you to set up a plan to reach your goals and break it down into steps. We recommend a minimum stay of 2-3 weeks, and you will see the progress already. We only admit one or two persons at the time, to have the personal attention and sharing experience on many levels, physically and mentally.

Differently from other training centers, we will train together, maybe on different levels, but it's all about "steps". I will share all my knowledge on how to find your muscles again and build on the connections. We will also support you with exercises and setups that you can easily set up at home, to continue the recovery. Let's not forget about the mental part, it's equally important to have the right mindset, this is a tough journey, but you are not alone. We will not leave you hanging when you go back home, online follow ups on regular basis is part of the plan.

Sharing experiences, feelings, struggles and more is one part. But we will also have a lot of fun and share laughs and relax in the sun. After the training and during the weekend, to charge our batteries, there are plenty of fun activities and time to explore the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

The training camps includes accommodation at our beautiful B&B, meals and training, all to a low cost, so you can afford your recovery journey.

Price example for 3 weeks: 2 persons in a double room and one person training, 21 days accommodation with meals and 15 days training (2+2 hours/day) 3,790€. email us for more info and tailored package for you.

Contact us using the contact form or on to learn more and book your stay!

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